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What material is bulletproof vest made of

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The main composition of bulletproof vestsis two parts, although it is divided into a cover and a bulletproof layer. Generally, the cover is made of chemical fiber fabrics, and the bulletproof layer is made of metal, ceramic sheet, fiberglass, nylon, and Kevlar. , ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and liquid protective materials and other materials.

The main function of body armor is to reduce the damage of bullets to the chest and abdomen of the human body. Its main principle is to use the bulletproof layer to absorb the kinetic energy of bullets or shrapnel, and then play an obvious protective role against low-speed bullets or shrapnel, which can control certain Depression situation, while reducing the damage to the human body.

    The structure of body armor is divided into three types: soft body armor, hard body armor and soft and hard composite body armor.

   Chemshun Ceramics company specializes in providing alumina bulletproof ceramic sheets for body armor. It has high hardness and wear resistance, high compressive strength and excellent ballistic performance under high stress. The alumina content reaches 99%. The commonly used specifications are: 50*50*10cm, other specifications can be customized.


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