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Abrasion resistant arc ceramic plate characteristics and application

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Wear resistant ceramic plate is a common industrial wear-resistant lining shape, common alumina plates include straight plates, curved plates, hexagonal plates, welded plates, custom-cut engineered plates. Chemshun Ceramics would like to introduce the curved ceramic plate to you.


The arc alumina plate can also be called the pipe tile liner, which is mainly used for the mechanical surface with arc, such as cyclone, conveying pipeline, etc. The size can be customized according to the mechanical surface


The cyclone is a typical device that uses an arc-shaped plate. The cyclone cylinder is a cylinder, the lower part is a cone body, and the upper part has an overflow box distribution box, so the wear-resistant ceramic lining plate must be processed into arc-shaped, fan-shaped . Chemshun Ceramics can design and manufacture various cyclone ceramic linings according to the general size and shape of the cyclone. The material is alumina wear-resistant ceramics or silicon nitride ceramic materials, and the wear resistance can ensure the long-term Continuous and stable work, the service life is 4-6 times that of ordinary polyurethane materials.


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