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Analysis and Solution of Welded Wear-Resistant Ceramics Falling Off

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 In power plants, cement plants and other enterprises, the use of ceramic pipes liner is very large, and its wear resistance is recognized by everyone. The shedding of ceramic tile seems to be a small problem, but in fact, there are many unsafe factors hidden in it, which has buried disadvantages for the production of enterprises. How to solve this problem?


Aiming at the problem of the ceramic tile liner falling off in the pipeline, a new type of welded ceramic tile liner has been designed and produced. Each side of the ceramic plate itself is pressed and pressed. There is also a conical hole in the center, which is welded with the steel body by bolts through the ceramic sheet to form a double reinforcement to ensure that the ceramic sheet does not fall off.


 The surface of the impact-resistant ceramic sheet that can be welded is dense and smooth, non-absorbent and non-stick. The carrying load of the equipment is light, the equipment failure and the consumption of spare parts are reduced, the labor intensity of the maintenance personnel is reduced, the production cost is greatly reduced, and considerable economic benefits are brought to the enterprise.


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