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What is ZTA ceramic liner ?

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What is ZTA ceramic liner ?

ZTA ceramic liner is zirconia toughenedalumina ceramic liner , belonging to inorganic non-metallic materials, is a good wear-resistant materials. 

Zirconia toughening alumina ceramic is added pure 99 Zr02 zirconia , the particles form ZrO2 toughened alumina ceramic. Alumina toughness can be significantly improved when zirconia is added as appropriate. It can be said that the toughening of alumina ceramics is the toughening method most used at present, and about 20% zirconia (ZrO2) is added to toughen the alumina.

ZTA toughening effect mainly comes from the following mechanism:

(1) to make the aluminum oxide grain refinement.

(2) Zirconia phase change toughening.

(3). Micro-crack toughening.

(4). Crack steering and bifurcation. Zirconia toughened alumina mechanical properties: ZTA (zirconia toughened alumina) ceramic density > 4.1, Rockwell hardness >  90, Vickers hardness > 1300, fracture toughness 6.0, flexural strength 480MPa, compressive strength 3600MPa;

ZTA toughening alumina ceramic liner is added on the basis of alumina zirconia ceramic ingredients, abrasion resistance and toughness between the alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramics, zirconia ceramics because the higher prices, the user once The larger the amount of investment, the largest number of manufacturers are mostly European and American companies and BHP Billiton and other groups.

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