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Wear-resistant pipes have great advantages in industrial production

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Wear-resistant pipes have great advantages in industrial production

 Wear and tear of equipment is a thorny problem that has long puzzled industrial enterprises and has direct impact on the economic benefit of enterprises and the field working environment.

Traditional anti-wear technology mostly use wear-resistant steel and other materials. With the development of new materials and transport technology, it is gradually replaced by the latest wear resistant ceramics such as special alumina ceramics.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramic Co., Ltd wear-resistant ceramic pipe is a kind of composite pipe made of ceramic and metal by aluminum thermal-centrifugal method.

The aluminum thermal-centrifugation method is used to prepare the ceramic lined steel tube. The high temperature generated by the reaction's own exothermic reaction causes the reaction product to melt and separate under the action of centrifugal force, forming the inner lined alumina ceramic steel tube with low energy consumption and less process.

Wear resistant ceramic lined pipe from Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramic Co., Ltd  pipeline combines the advantages of high hardness of alumina, good chemical inertness and steel, and has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, thermal shock resistance and mechanical impact resistance.

Pipes are generally gray-black.

Advantage-1: Good abrasion resistance: the inner lining of wear-resistant ceramic pipe is wear-resistant engineering ceramics, whose hardness (HRA) is greater than 84, and its wear resistance is more than 10 times that of the high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fitting.

Using 5mm thick ceramic layer, its actual wear - resistant life will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear - resistant cast steel.

Advantage-2:Corrosion resistance: different wear-resistant ceramic materials have excellent corrosion resistance to different corrosion media, acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosion medium and halogen corrosion characteristics.

Advantage-3:High temperature resistant performance is good: wear-resisting ceramics itself has above 1200 degrees centigrade high temperature resistant ability, through the reasonable design and different composite method, wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings can be - 50 ℃ to 800 ℃ humidity within the scope of operation for a long time, particularly suitable for high temperature burner, etc.

Advantage-4:Reduction of engineering cost: the wear-resistant ceramic pipe is mainly used in the liquid-solid two-phase flow material and corrosive medium for conveying belt particles. It is used to replace the expensive stainless steel pipe, the high-chromium cast steel pipe and the hard-alloy wear-resistant pipe, which can directly reduce the engineering cost and extend the service life.

The cost performance of the product is high, which can save the cost and time of overhaul and replacement of materials.

Advantage-5:Simple manufacturing process;Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.

Because of its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, wear resistant ceramic lined pipe can be widely used in power, metallurgy, mining, coal and chemical industries as abrasive particle materials and corrosive media such as sand, stone, coal powder, ash residue and aluminum liquid.

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