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Rubber ceramic wear plate

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    Rubber ceramic wear plate

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramic Co., Ltd products include: rubber ceramic wear plate, which is pasted rubber and ceramics on common steel plate and vulcanized to form three-in-one or two-in-one lining board, which has the characteristics of strong resistance to abrasion and impact;Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene liner is a kind of thermoplastic engineering material with excellent comprehensive performance of linear structure. The molecular weight is over 1.5 million and the density is small and the weight is light. It has good wear resistance, self-lubrication, impact resistance and corrosion resistance, and other alumina plain tile, ceramic pipe etc.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramic Co., Ltd Company production of rubber ceramic wear plate is through the rubber vulcanization technology, the wear-resisting ceramics embedded within the special rubber, a square ceramic composite rubber, with high strength binder paste way fixed on the equipment protection, form a strong and buffers to wear layer, greatly expand the application range of the alumina ceramics.

At the same time, the ceramic rubber composite lining can twist, cut, suitable for various kinds of equipment wear - resistant installation.

The wear-resistant ceramics of alumina are made of 95 high alumina ceramics, which are: hardness of rockwell is greater than HRA90, density is 3.65 g/cm3, compressive strength is 1150MPa and flexural strength is 350MPa.

Rubber is made of high quality natural rubber for the indicators: 30 mpa tensile strength or greater, stretching rate three times or more, 20% or less permanent deformation and heat resistance of > 150 ℃, rubber acuities were 1.3 g/cm3 density;

Adhesive USES imported chemnitz lok hot vulcanization glue, hot vulcanization mucilage, firmly fixed to the rubber, the ceramic has softness, anti-aging, heat resistance and bending performance, rubber and steel adhesion force greater than 25 mpa, rubber and steel plate shear strength of not less than 18 mpa, ceramic and rubber peeling strength of not less than 30 mpa, heat resistance is not lower than 150 ℃.

Two-in-one ceramic rubber wear plate is mainly used for wear-resistant protection of material inlet and hopper with large working load and serious wear.

For example, the mine hopper, the iron ore receiving port and the coal conveying system of thermal power plant are protected by abrasion.

My company has a professional construction secondary qualification, has many years experience of wear-resisting protective technical personnel, management personnel, quality inspection personnel, construction personnel, to provide wear-resistant products at the same time can provide free technical advice and on-site construction service, provides the best solution for industry equipment wear, prolonging the service life of equipment, reduce the operation maintenance cost, improve production efficiency.


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