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Wear-resistant ceramic elbows have high hardness and wear resistance

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Wear-resistant ceramic elbow is made of aluminum oxide ceramic lining in metal pipeline. It has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance. It can be widely used in thermal power, cement, steel, smelting, mining, machinery and other industries to effectively solve the serious wear condition of pipeline.

Compared with other wear-resistant pipes, ceramic composite wear-resistant pipes have the following advantages:

Lined with alumina ceramic, with high hardness, excellent wear resistance.

Easy to install, with ceramic glue bonding, simple process, pipe can be welded, flange, connection and other ways, construction is very convenient.

Wear-resistant ceramics have good finish and smooth surface, which will not lead to ash accumulation and scaling on the inner wall of the pipeline.

Ceramic lined pipe price is medium, high cost performance, service life is longer than other pipes,suitable for easy wear environment. Effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. It is an ideal wear and corrosion resistant pipe.


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