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Solution Tips when using abrasion resistant ceramic plate .

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 Wear-resistant ceramic liner has the characteristics of easy installation, high cost performance and strong universality, so it is widely used, but customers often encounter some problems when using wear-resistant ceramic liner. Grinding ceramics also often provides customers with wear-resistant solutions. Today we will make a detailed analysis of these common problems.

1. The problem of liner falling off

        The wear-resistant ceramic liner has a long service life, but occasionally the liner will loosen or even fall off during use. The main reason for this problem is that there is a problem with the fixing method of the liner. For example, the viscosity of ordinary wear-resistant ceramic adhesives will decrease or even disappear in a high temperature environment above 350°C, which will cause the ceramics to fall off. In response to this situation, high temperature resistant glue adhesive can be applied, which can effectively adapt to high temperature conditions. In addition, in the high temperature environment, we can also change the fixing method of the lining plate to stud welding or dovetail slot, and flexible selection of the installation method and installation material of the lining plate is an effective way to solve the problem of the lining plate falling off.

2. Porcelain block fragmentation problem

        Although the wear-resistant ceramic liner has high hardness and wear resistance, its toughness is relatively poor, and its impact resistance is lacking. Therefore, in some environments with very high impact force, the ceramic block sometimes occurs. In response to this working environment. For example, in areas with relatively high impact force, we can use ceramic rubber composite linings, impact-resistant ceramic linings or ZTA zirconium-aluminum composite linings with greatly improved toughness. plate.

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