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Hot Vulcanization Technology of Ceramic Pulley Lagging

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The pulley lagging is an important part of material conveying equipment. It is often worn and damaged in long-term work, which requires the pulley lagging to have higher wear resistance.Pulley lagging is to vulcanize wear-resistant ceramic pieces with protruding points or grooving into rubber through hot vulcanization process, and then through cold vulcanization process, with special adhesive vulcanized ceramic rubber two-in-one plate directly bonded to the surface of the pulley lagging, forming ceramic pulley lagging, through the roller coating to increase the friction coefficient, improve the service life of the pulley lagging.

Ceramic pulley lagging is suitable for the roller of belt feeding system in mining, cement, thermal power, steel and other industries. It can prevent the pulley lagging rust, slip, deviation, damage the belt, can reduce the replacement frequency, extend the service life of the equipment. Moreover, it is convenient for construction and can be installed on site. 

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