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The Best Wear-resistant Material for Port and Wharf Industry:Rubber Ceramic Liner

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In the port and wharf industry, the parts with serious wear are the fixed funnel of bucket turbine, the funnel of ship unloader and the fixed funnel of belt conveyor transfer station.The previous method is to use manganese steel lining board, but because the wear resistance of manganese steel lining board is not good, long time unloading is easy to wear manganese steel lining board, and even cause damage to the belt conveyor. And frequent repair and replacement, will waste a lot of manpower and material costs.

The solution to this problem is simply to switch to a more durable material. It is a good choice to replace manganese steel lining with rubber ceramic lining.

Rubber ceramic liner, which combines the high wear resistance of alumina ceramic with the buffering effect of rubber, can solve the wear problem in the process of transporting materials in the port. In addition, rubber has a certain noise reduction effect, is also suitable for use in the port. Three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic lining plate is on the basis of rubber composite plate and add a layer of steel plate, with bolts on the back, more convenient installation.

The service life of the rubber ceramic liner is more than 5 times that of the manganese steel liner, which can effectively prolong the service life of the hopper of the port ship unloader and improve the working efficiency of the ship unloader. It solves the problems of serious wear and frequent replacement of various hoppers at the port wharf.

Chemshun Ceramics wear liners comprise of advanced alumina oxide ceramic tiles bonded in a high tensile strength rubber sheet to a studded steel backing plate. Our ceramic wear liners can be used in transfer chutes, deflectors, impact chutes, bins, hoppers, skirt liners, stackers and reclaimers.which will not only improve the flow of material, but also ensure greater performance and wear life of the solution.popular ceramic wear liner size is 300*300mm , 500*500mm, variety of customized sizes is available, thickness varies from 25mm to 75mm.

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