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Impact resistant Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner For Coal Falling Pipeline

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Coal falling pipeline system is characteristic feature of large size particle, big drop and strong impact on the abrasion resistance ceramic liner tiles. Which cause ceramic liner tiles itself easily to fall off . what’s more. Because of high hardness , welding alumina tiles may easily be smashed by large size dropping materials without buffer. Facing these high impact materials working environment, Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics suggest rubber ceramic wear liner as wear protective linings instead of ceramic tiles . 

Rubber Ceramic wear liner has excellent cushioning performance for resisting impact of dropping coal from a high altitude. In addition, ceramic layer of rubber ceramic composite liner has good property of high abrasion ,corrosion resistance , high hardness, which can prolong the working life of coal conveying system, reduce replacements times and save factory maintenance cost. What’s more, general coal conveying system have low requirements of temperature, so rubber ceramic wear plate can withstand its working temperature.

Rubber ceramic wear plate is produced by alumina tiles vulcanized in rubber sheet, so it has advantages of lower density than steel , light weight .easy installation construction for coal falling pipeline system.

Chemshun Ceramics suggest rubber ceramic wear liner thickness 20mm for coal falling pipeline system. And wear plate with three-in-one structure (rubber+ceramic+steel with stub ) is much suitable for installation.

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