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What should be paid attention in the construction of ceramic lined pulverizing system pipeline ?

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Alumina ceramic lined steel pipeline is much frequent industry equipment wear protection way.which is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as conveying sand, stone, coal powder, ash, aluminum liquid and other abrasive particles and corrosive media. It is an ideal wear resistant industrial pipeline.

 As abrasion resistant ceramic supplier, Chemshun Ceramics company have much experience in ceramic lined pipeline construction .so many technical requirements should be paid to void failure .

 1. The design, manufacture, inspection, test and packaging of this equipment should comply with current national standards, industry standards and other relevant standards.

 2. The performance of the equipment lined with ceramic pipes should meet the design and use requirements of the powder feeding pipe fittings of the powder system of 2×1000MW thermal power generating units.

 3. The design, manufacturing and technical performance, chemical composition, physical performance, packaging and transportation of the lining ceramic pipe conform to the industry standard .

 4. The design of the lining ceramic pipe should meet the comprehensive performance of anti-wear, anti-vibration, anti-falling, anti-powder, good weldability, low running resistance, and anti-corrosion and anti-scaling.

 5. The inner and outer surfaces of the lining ceramic tube should be smooth and clean, free of burrs, burrs, fleshy or lack of flesh, no cracks, looseness, pores or bubbles, and the paint should be uniform.

 6. The transition of the lining ceramic tube is smooth, the surface is smooth and flat, and the height difference is less than 1mm.

 7. The ceramic lining tube has good thermal stability, ensuring long-term normal operation.

 8. The interface dimensions and installation dimensions of the lining ceramic tube should fully meet the size requirements.

 9. After processing the metal shell, the inner wall of the metal shell should be thoroughly rusted and polished before the ceramic sheet is pasted.

 10. The pipeline is lined with alumina ceramic sheet, the thickness of the ceramic sheet is ≥5.0mm, and the thickness deviation of the lining layer is ≤+0.5mm. The pasted pipe fittings and the unpasted straight pipe should be connected and transitioned well.

 11. The alumina ceramic used has the characteristics of high density, uniform density distribution, compact crystal structure, excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance.

 12. The ceramic sheets should be designed to be compressed on three sides, trapezoidal on three sides (or interlocked), positive and negative arcuate, self-arching (arch bridge type) structure, so that the ceramic sheets are inlaid and connected with each other, and has the overall anti-fall performance , No welding plug structure is used.

 13. The wear-resistant ceramic sheet is installed and adhered closely to the inner wall of the tube, and the arch is formed into a circle. The ceramic sheet is installed and adhered as smoothly and as possible to form a smooth surface. The height difference of each adjacent ceramic piece is less than 0.6mm, and the gap between the joints of the ceramic pieces shall not be greater than 0.8mm.

14. The inner wall of the gap between the ceramic pieces is tightly filled with imported high-temperature resistant cement, which is resistant to temperature: ≥1100℃. The cement should have good tensile strength and excellent shear strength.

15. A lifting device should be considered for the lining ceramic pipe; it should have sufficient strength and rigidity so that the pipe will not be deformed and the ceramic pieces will be broken or fallen off due to local force during lifting.

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