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Wear resistant ceramics applied on the blower impeller can extend the life of 15 years

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Wear resistant ceramics applied on the blower impeller can extend the life of 15 years

In the dry process production lines, powder transport provided mainly by the power offered from fan, high-speed rotation of the fan cause dust particles airflow and fan blade to mutally effect ,resulting in impeller wear damage seriously. Now the use of wear resistant ceramics can extend the life of the fan impeller.

Wear resistant ceramics

For a long time ,  cement companies generally use hardfacing, thermal spraying as traditional abrasion solution  methods, the effect is not ideal, but will also cause stress concentration. using wear resistant ceramics as impeller protection liner is the best approach, but people need to overcome high speed ceramic shedding problems, while make sure that increasing weight of the ceramic  does not affect the start-up and normal operation of the impeller.

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics is a professional wear resistant ceramics supplier ,we can design , produce , install all kinds of industrial ceramic linings, for solve impeller abrasion problem  ,we explore a way to repair fan impeller by inserted dovetail wear-resistant ceramic linings. And we can provide a series of solutions for static and dynamic balance.  ceramics and impeller are linked closely together by the process producing ceramic liner , and alumina ceramic density is low,  the weight is much lower than the commonly used steel wear liner , impeller total weight become less weight , which increases the service life of the main bearing fan, impeller lined abrasion resistant cerics  can extend the life of more than 15 times, not only greatly reduce the frequency of replacement of the impeller significantly improve the operation rate of the equipment, reducing operating and maintenance personnel work intensity.

This process has four major advantages:

1 improve the life of more than 15 times;

2 unique process to ensure that the ceramic does not fall off;

3 does not change the parameters of the impeller;

4 Total weight increased less than 10%, does not affect the fan starts.

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