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How to stick wear resistant linings by epoxy resin glue?

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Using epoxy resin glue to stick wear resistant linings on the equipment surface, you have to do these five steps:

1. Repire your equipment. Before stick, you need to insure the surface of equipment is smooth and flat. Otherwise, you have to repire the wear surface until it's smooth and flat.

2. Polishing and rust removal. Check if there is rust or dust on your equipment surface. If the andwer is yes, polishing the surface to remove rust,then using detergent to wash it until your equipment surface is totally clear.

Polishing and rust removal

3. Mixing epoxy resin glue. Mixing expoxy resin type A and B in a A:B = 1:1 ratio.

Mixing expoxy resin glue.jpg

4. Apply epoxy resin glue on the surface of equipment and put wear resistant linings on.

Apply expoxy resin on the surface of equipment.jpg

5. Press wear resistant linings until there is no interspace. You can knock the wear resistant ceramic tiles by rubber hammer.

Press expoxy resin glue.jpg

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