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How to choose wear-resistant ceramic pieces of different shapes?

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Wear-resistant ceramics, as an important member of the field of anti-wear, are often used in ports, mines, cement, lithium, steel and other heavy wear industries. Compared with common metal materials such as high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel, wear-resistant ceramics have many advantages: high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and isolation from metal pollution. Our common wear-resistant ceramics are mostly in the form of wear-resistant ceramic pieces, which are used as the anti-wear lining of engineering equipment by pasting method. Wear-resistant ceramic pieces have a variety of shapes such as square, round, diamond, hexagon, triangle and special-shaped, so what is the difference between different shapes of wear-resistant ceramic pieces? How to choose?


First of all, let's talk about the difference between different shapes of wear-resistant ceramic pieces, which is mainly reflected in five aspects - impact resistance, wear resistance, viscosity to the material, the ease of installation and the appearance of beauty.


1. Impact resistance

Impact resistance mainly depends on material performance, thickness, impact Angle and other factors, but in the case of these factors are similar, different shapes will bear different stresses, which will lead to the impact resistance of the material will be different. For example, the same material, the same thickness of the wear-resistant ceramic pieces, the circular ceramic pieces to withstand the stress evenly dispersed, not easy to break, and square, triangular ceramic pieces is easy to be shattered corners, in comparison, the impact resistance of the circular ceramic pieces is stronger than that of the square and triangle. In addition, the ceramic pieces is mostly used in combination with rubber, and the gap in the middle of the triangular, square and hexagonal ceramic piece is less, the surface rubber is less, and the impact resistance is weak. The gap between the circular ceramic pieces is large, the surface is exposed to more rubber, and the impact resistance is relatively strong.


2. Wear resistance
For the ceramic rubber composite liner, the more rubber on the surface, the stronger the impact resistance, but the wear resistance will be reduced. Therefore, the surface of the lining plate composed of circular ceramic pieces has more rubber and poor wear resistance, while the ceramic coverage rate of triangular and square ceramic pieces is high and the wear resistance is relatively strong.


3. If the larger the gap between the wear-resistant ceramic pieces, the easier it is to stick to the material, and even may cause the phenomenon of hanging material blocking, that is, the circular ceramic piece is easy to cause the phenomenon of blocking, square, hexagonal and other ceramic piece gaps are less, not easy to block material.

4. Installation difficulty

The wear of ceramic pieces mostly starts from the edge of ceramic pieces, so in order to extend the service life of ceramic pieces and disperse the flow of materials, the method of staggered seam paste is usually used when pasting porcelain. It is easier to install ceramic pieces with regular shape and straight edges, such as square and triangular ceramic pieces, while it is more difficult to install circular ceramic pieces, hexagonal ceramic pieces and special-shaped ceramic pieces.

5. Appearance

Some customers will have a special preference for a certain shape, or will choose their favorite ceramic piece shape combined with working conditions, application occasions, etc., and even specially customized special-shaped ceramic pieces, which can be completed according to customer needs.



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