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Classification and application of grinding balls

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 Grinding is the basic process of powder deep processing. The grinding process is not only a refining process, but also a mixing and homogenizing process. According to different classification standards, grinding media can be divided into many types, such as spherical, rod-shaped, roll-shaped and irregular according to their shapes. Among them, spherical grinding media are widely used in various ball milling equipment and ball milling machines. In mineral processing, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, cement and other fields. Common materials for spherical grinding media are alumina, zirconia, zirconium-aluminum composite, zirconium silicate, silicon carbide, glass, etc.


(1) Metals

 Metal grinding balls are mainly steel balls and alloy balls, but because they have not undergone heat treatment, their hardness is very low and their wear resistance is poor. In the later stage, non-chromium alloy grinding balls are gradually developed. When the content of chromium is low, the toughness is higher. Poor but good wear resistance, low price, high chromium grinding balls with high chromium content have better performance. Metal balls are usually used for grinding in large industries such as cement and coal mines.


(3) Alumina ceramics

 Grinding media is an important part of the grinding process, so there are higher requirements for the performance of grinding media balls. Ceramic grinding bead balls are resistant to wear, high hardness and high temperature. Nowadays, alumina ceramic balls with higher cost performance and better performance have been widely used in cement, building materials, household ceramics, sanitary ceramics and other fields.


(4) Zirconia ceramics 

 Zirconia ceramic balls  have good wear and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for wear-resistant structural ceramics. Due to the excellent properties of zirconia ceramic sphere, it has a wide range of applications. In terms of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it can be used in steel, chemistry, automobiles, vacuum equipment, motors, etc. In the high-speed machinery industry, it can be used in machine tools, automobiles, aircraft, satellites, electric motors, general industrial machinery, and vacuum equipment. Zirconia ceramics have good mechanical properties and are widely used as engineering structural materials. The life stability of zirconia ceramic bearings is higher than that of traditional sliding and rolling bearings, with higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance; zirconia ceramic valves can effectively replace traditional metal alloy valves, especially in harsh working environments, Effectively reduce wear and improve corrosion resistance, thereby greatly increasing the service life. Zirconia ceramic grinding balls are widely used in various grinding machines.

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