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The advantages of wear-resistant ceramic tube and how it works?

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The advantages of wear-resistant ceramic tube and how it works?

  As the social card machine continues to improve, more and more building materials performance has been fully improved, such as wear-resistant ceramic tube, wear elbow and so on. The use of these pipe fittings has provided a solid foundation for the construction and further improved the quality of use of the residents. Chemshun Ceramics will take you to learn more about the working principle of ceramic wear tube and its advantages.


    1, wear resistance: cermet lining inner layer of ceramic tube is corundum, Vickers hardness of 1300-1500HV, equivalent to HRC90 above, so the power, mining any medium has a high wear resistance.

    2, corrosion resistance and anti-fouling performance: lined with corundum is a neutral material, it has strong acid, alkali, salt corrosion and seawater corrosion, and also has anti-scaling performance.

    3, running resistance loss is small: metal-ceramic composite pipe by the Beijing University of Science on the powder, slag, ash resistance characteristics of the test. Since the inner surface of the cermet-lined composite pipe is smooth and non-rusting, the water resistance coefficient is smaller than that of the seamless pipe of the same specification, so the running resistance is smaller and the operating cost can be reduced.

    4, easy installation and construction

    Due to wear-resistant ceramic tube light weight, and good welding performance. Therefore, welding, flange, quick coupling and other methods can be used, and the construction and installation are convenient.

    5, running resistance is small

     Ceramic wear-resistant pipe on the inner surface of the smooth, and never rust, nor the convex surface of the spiral tube as seamless steel pipe exists. The testing unit on the inner surface roughness and water resistance characteristics of the test, the inner surface smoothness better than any metal pipe, the resistance coefficient of 0.0193, slightly lower than the seamless pipe.

    6, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling

    As the steel ceramic layer is (a-AL2O3), is a neutral trait. Therefore, acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion, and also has anti-scaling and other features.

     7, temperature performance and heat Chong Chong good performance

     Due to the corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), a single stable crystalline structure. Therefore, the composite tube can be -50 - 700 ℃ long-term normal temperature range. Material linear expansion coefficient of 6-8 × 10-6 / 0C, about 1/2 of the pipe. .

     8, the project cost is low.

  How it works: In accordance with the mold, the ceramic powder sintered into ceramic pipes, and steel pipe and then together. The outer wall of the ceramic tube and the inner wall of the steel tube are assembled by pouring the special filler (cement or epoxy resin) inside the steel tube and then isostatic pressing. Wear-resistant ceramic patch is AL2O3 as raw material, rare metal oxide as solvent, the high temperature sintered at 1730 ℃ made of special corundum ceramics, and then wear resistant adhesive bonded combination of wear-resistant ceramic patch, according to Different needs of the choice of wear-resistant ceramic patch to meet the special needs of users of the technical conditions.

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