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Alumina Ceramics Plate for Body bulletproof vest

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Ceramic bulletproof sheet named bulletproof plate is an important branch of bulletproof sheet, it has many advantages that metal bulletproof sheet does not have, especially silicon carbide ceramics and high alumina ceramics, which have high hardness and wear resistance, Excellent ballistic performance of high compressive strength and high stress, it is a very popular bulletproof material at present.

   Performance requirements of ceramic bulletproof plates: due to the complex fracture mechanism of ceramic bulletproof plates, crack formation is caused by many factors, and the occurrence time is very short, so bulletproof ceramics require more properties, such as density, porosity, hardness, fracture toughness , elastic modulus, sound velocity and mechanical strength, etc.


Ceramics are bulletproof because of their high specific stiffness, high specific strength, and chemical inertness in many environments. When the high-speed projectile collides with the ceramic layer, the ceramic layer breaks or cracks and spreads around the impact point to consume most of the energy of the projectile, and then the high-modulus fiber composite plate further consumes the remaining energy of the projectile. Ceramic bulletproof sheets have obvious advantages, among which alumina ceramics and silicon carbide ceramics have superior performance and are widely used.

   The bullet-proof sheet is made of industrialized ultra-fine alumina powder as the main material, and the purity of α-Al?O? should reach more than 99% or even higher. The porosity of bullet-proof ceramics should be as low as possible to improve hardness and elastic modulus. This Al?O? ceramic is very good. Its porosity is close to zero, and its water absorption does not exceed 0.02%. The hardness of the bulletproof sheet is very high and should be higher than that of the flying warhead. For Al?O? ceramics, the hardness can reach above HRA88, which is fully in line with the requirements. The speed of sound propagation in ceramics indicates the ability of ceramics to consume energy on the impact surface, so bulletproof sheets hope to have high sound velocity, and high sound velocity also indirectly indicates that ceramics have good densification and low closed pores. The sound velocity of Al?O? porcelain can It can reach 10500~11500m/s, which has obvious advantages compared with other bulletproof sheets.

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