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Dovetail Ceramic Wear Tile As Abrasive Wear Protective Lining

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Different from other other ceramic plate , Dovetail ceramic tile liner should work with Stainless steel plate guide in industrial machinery part . which has high temperature resistance , smooth  and impact-resistant surface, and has a strong mechanical self-locking force, which effectively prevents the tiles from falling off.


So how to use this welding tile ? Chemshun Ceramics tell you , When installation , welding the slot to the part that needs to be anti-wear, and control the spacing to ensure the gap between the ceramics. The ceramic is clamped to the dovetail slot guide rail, and the ceramic is also processed with a special dovetail slot. During installation, the ceramic is connected in series along the direction of the guide rail to install and complete.


In addition, various thicknesses of dovetail ceramic tile can be produced according to wear conditions, and various special-shaped structure equipment can be customized to form an impact-resistant wear-resistant layer. It is widely used in high temperature environment (about 750 ℃) as anti-wear lining on equipment with large material conveying and strong impact force. Such as thermal power, mining, cement, smelting and other industries equipment


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