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Product Name:Zirconia balls (ZrO2 80%)

Zirconium balls (ZrO2 80%)

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) grinding media is a new ceramic grinding media with features of ultra-abrasive, high toughness, high density, high alumina hardness and corrosion resistance. Chemshun zirconia balls are moderate prices, high density and excellent wear resistance.

Techinal date of Chemshun zirconia balls:

  Physical Property  Unit  Value
  Compsision  wt%  20~80% ZrO2
  80~20% A2O3
  Packed Density  Kg/L  2.6~3.3(Φ7mm)
  Specific Density  g/cm3  4.1~5.5
  Hardness(HV)  GPa  >8.5
  Elastic modulus  GPa  200
  Thermal Conductivity  W/m.K  3
  Crushing Load  KN  ≥8 (Φ7mm)
  Fracture Toughness  MPam1-2  6.7
  Grain size  µm  ≤0.8
  Thermal expansion  10x10-6/ °C(20-400)  7
  Coeffcient(20-400 °C)

Available size of Chemshun zirconia balls:

  Ball Size

  φ0.1-0.3,  φ0.6-φ0.8,   φ1-φ5 , φ7, φ10,    φ12,   φ15,    φ20.

  Customized size available

  Application :
  Non-metallic minerals, paints, inks, paper, coatings, electronic materials, magnetic materia  ls,medicine, etc.


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