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Precautions when using zirconia ceramic ball sphere

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When using zirconia ceramic beads grinder, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. In order to ensure the grinding efficiency and smooth products, it is necessary to select suitable zirconia beads, pre-grind and clean the zirconia beads, and pay attention to the addition of the balls during use.

1. Confirm whether the zirconia balls are suitable

The selection of zirconia beads is a key step. Zirconia balls have different characteristics such as hardness, surface smoothness, particle size distribution, abrasion, chemical properties (not reacting with materials), etc., so it should be based on the type of material you grind and The target particle size, combined with the target particle size of grinding, select the appropriate zirconia beads.

2. Pre-grinding

When using zirconium beads for the first time, it is necessary to pre-grind the zirconia beads in a slurry with a certain viscosity for 30 minutes. If the slurry concentration is relatively low, the rotation speed should be reduced, and then the time should not exceed 15 minutes.

3. Cleaning

When grinding paint, it is best to use resin to clean the zirconia beads. If a solvent is used, the rotation speed should be reduced, and the time should not exceed 10 minutes.

4:, fill the ball

After a period of grinding, the zirconia beads will collide with each other, resulting in the wear of the zirconia beads, so after a period of use, some zirconia beads need to be added as a supplement. Sieve off and put in the same weight of zirconia sphere as crushed zirconia beads.

5. Other timings for making up the ball

If the grinding fineness requirement remains unchanged, the grinding time is to be extended, or the grinding fineness cannot achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to supplement a certain amount of zirconium balls.

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