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How to judge the quality of zirconia beads?

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1. The wear damage of zirconia beads

Put the zirconia sphere sample into the grinding machine for self-grinding, use the variable control method, put the two kinds of zirconia balls into the same environment for grinding, the time, machine and other parameters are unchanged, and finally get the wear data of the two kinds of zirconium beads , the difference can be seen in the comparison results.

2. Smoothness

Good quality zirconia ceramic balls have better performance in smoothness and roundness, and the screening accuracy directly affects the particle size distribution of zirconia beads.

3. Appearance

The color of Zirconium beads can be seen visually. Some zirconia beads have mixed colors. In this case, different colors may have different properties.

Zirconia beads with smooth surface can reflect light, so the quality of zirconia beads can be judged by looking at the reflectance. In addition, some zirconia grinding balls with relatively large particle size can easily see defects, so the appearance of zirconia beads can be preliminarily judged. quality.

4. Internal situation

If the inside and outside of the zirconia beads are consistent, it can ensure a better grinding effect. Some zirconia beads will appear hollow inside. If the inside and outside of the zirconia beads are uniform, it is difficult to break during the grinding process. If the zirconia beads are broken, the probability of breaking If it is too large, it will cause equipment damage, and at the same time, the wear of zirconia beads will be very high, which will eventually lead to high grinding costs.

6. Quality of raw materials

Good zirconia bead materials can often be made into high-quality zirconium beads The fineness of the raw materials directly affects the smoothness, hardness and wear resistance of the finished zirconia beads, and ultimately affects the cost performance.

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