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Rubber Ceramic Wear Plate Lined Coal Hopper

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Rubber Ceramic Wear Plate Lined Coal Hopper

The coal hopper is conveying system in power plant . The coal in the hopper is sent to the coal feeder. The belt inside the coal feeder continuously feeds the coal source in the coal feeder to the coal ball mill below. The raw coal material in the hopper is with big particle, so for a long time coal hopper may suffer from different degrees of surface wear damage. Which can seriously effect continuous operation of whole system. Normally wear resistant rubber ceramic wear plate can be suggested to applied as hopper liner.

Rubber Ceramic Wear Plate Lined Coal Hopper

As an abrasion resistant ceramic supplier and exporter, Chemshun Ceramics Company finished many cases of ceramic lined hopper . what wear resistant ceramics materials wear applied depends on customer’s equipment working environment.alumina plain tile is best normal hopper liners . and if high temperature along with hopper equipment, welding alumina tile is more suitable. Recently month , Chemshun Ceramics engineered team finished a project of rubber ceramic wear plate lined hopper, which working material has high impact on the equipment by large size coal.

Ceramics liner for hopper has much advantages like wear & impact resistance,
Non-blocking material,Easy to install and replace etc. Which is much helpful .Chemshun welcome you to contact if you need alumina tile or rubber ceramic wear plate for hopper linings.

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