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Chemshun Ceramics reopening day on Feb 3th,2017

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After spring festival holiday with eleven days , Chemshun Ceramics team returned back to office for abrasion resistant tile lining saleswork on Feb 3th,2017


 Pingxiang chemshun ceramics , as abrasion resistant tile lining manufacturer professinally produces, design, install kinds of wear resistant ceramic tile linings, typical alumina ceramics products inclues : ceramic tile, ceramic tube pipe liner, rubber ceramic wear liner, rubber ceramic hose, ceramic lined elbow pipe, hex/square tile mats, alumina lining pieces etc. super advantage products include kinds of mosaic tile and ceramic tile mats, ceramic lined equipments etc. during 2017, Chemshun Ceramics will improve many aspects like salesman team service level,new products development and study, standard ceramic liner products quality improvement etc. 

On reopening day, under the leadship of the chairman ,Mr Zhong, all the Chemshun Ceramic staff holld a blessing ceremony, hope Chemshun Ceramics to be more properous, more and more oversea customers recognized chemshun abrasion resistant tile lining products .at the same time, here Chemshun Ceramic team wish you more happier and lucky. 


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