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How to improve the plasticity of alumina ceramic tubes?

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How to improve the plasticity of alumina ceramic tubes?

In order to make the alumina ceramic tube meet the actual application size and achieve the ideal corrosion resistance, it is necessary to increase the plasticity of alumina ceramic pipe, which can be achieved in specific ways? The key is to start with the process.

When the ceramic production of alumina tube, definitely not hot pressing technology, in addition to the correct operation of the process, can be carried on the preloading, so that you can prevent the alumina ceramic tube in the heat press when installing plate, directly produce displacement, thus it will cause the stack from the joint core and a series of defects.

When the alumina ceramic tube is heated, it must be pre pressed directly at room temperature, so that it can be directly bonded to a whole material. As for the hot pressing process of alumina ceramic tube, the emphasis is on controlling its hot pressing temperature, which is about 140 degrees centigrade, and the unit pressure is actually 2.5 - 3.0MPa.

In addition, in order to improve the plasticity of alumina ceramic tube, which can be three antihypertensive treatment, when it is in a process of hot pressing processing, that is by working pressure directly down to the equilibrium pressure, followed by direct pressure balance is reduced to zero, in order to finish the opening.

In summary, the plasticity of alumina ceramic tube to increase, on the one hand, when the hot pressing process, the maximum is to meet its use requirements; on the other hand is the need to implement direct compression connection to satisfy the application requirements of a number of occasions.

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