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More coating gaps on Straits of Mackinac pipeline

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More coating gaps on Straits of Mackinac pipeline

On Monday, Enbridge Energy issued a new report on the status of its 64 year old Straits of Mackinac oil and gas pipeline. The report noted that further gaps were found in the pipeline's ageing coating during its last inspection, according to the Department of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources.

Inspections were completed at 48 of 128 locations, and a majority of the 48 areas were found to have the coating gaps, the report stated.

Pipeline protective wear lining is needed to avoid gaps. because the delivery materials have corrosive or abrasvie property, pipeline will suffer from corrosive or wear damage for long time alumina ceramic tube pipe as wear liner is certainly needed for corrosion or abrasive resistant .

Chemshun Ceramics company mainly produce ceramic wear materials for cement,mining,steel plant,port,power generation plant etc.ceramic elbow pipe is most popular with maximum demension 500mm.compared with ceramic tube ,some buyers prefer to ceramic pipe tile lined steel pipeline.which is much cost effective.other ceramics cone,ceramic ring,rubber ceramic hose also be supplied from Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer.


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