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What is the best bulletproof armor vest

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Bulletproof ceramics, also known as structural ceramics, are popular bulletproof materials due to their high strength, high hardness, and lower density compared to metals. Ceramic bulletproof sheets are also called ceramic bulletproof plates or ceramic bulletproof inserts. The main types are silicon carbide ceramics, boron nitride ceramics and alumina ceramics.

Among these ceramics, boron carbide ceramics have the lowest density and the highest strength. At the same time, the requirements for processing technology are also very high, and high temperature and high pressure sintering is required, so its price is also the most expensive among several ceramics.

Silicon carbide has moderate density and moderate hardness. It is a structural ceramic with relatively high cost performance and is a choice for bulletproof materials.

Alumina ceramics have the highest density, but relatively low hardness, low processing threshold, and relatively cheap price. There are different purities in the industry, which are divided into -85/90/95/99 alumina ceramics. The higher the label, the higher the purity. The hardness and price are also higher. At present, the mass production of alumina bulletproof ceramics has become a common material in bulletproof ceramics.

Chemshun Ceramics is a manufacturer of military ballistic panel. In order to ensure a certain strength of the ceramics, Chemshun alumina bulletproof armor plate mostly use 99 alumina ceramics, and ensure low porosity during the molding and sintering process, so as to minimize the concentration of microscopic stress. . Welcome your inquiry.

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