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Single-side grinding and polishing machine processing principle

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Single-side grinding and polishing machine processing principle


Lapping / polishing is the effect of free-abrasive between the grinding disc and the flat workpiece, applying appropriate pressure to the workpiece, and the cutting effect of the non-directional grain surface produced by the workpiece, when the abrasive particles become fine and grinding If the disc (polished leather) is matched, the surface of the workpiece can achieve the mirror effect. In terms of grinding action, the single-sided machine is 2ways.


The plane grinding and polishing machine can be applied to flat workpieces of different materials. At the same time, the flatness of the grinding disc is controlled during processing to improve the accuracy of the workpiece, reduce the surface roughness, and achieve the nano mirror effect. The R&D department provides process solutions according to the unique needs of customers. , So that it can meet the full range of customer needs

                               Single-side grinding and polishing machine processing principle

The operation principle of the icon plane grinding and polishing machine.

(Various customized functions can be selected according to the manufacturing process)


1. Cooling circulation system of grinding disc

2. Slurry supply system

3. Thickness control jig



6. Swing mechanism

7. Thickness setting

8. Vacuum suction cup


Processing example of plane grinding and polishing machine:

Stainless steel mirror mold, vacuum chuck, semiconductor chip (eg: silicon wafer GaAs, GaP, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, etc), crystal glass (Sapphire), ceramic parts, tungsten carbide parts, copper and aluminum parts, ultrasonic welding head, vibrating sub parts , Ferrite, mechanical shaft seal, printing steel plate, needle car parts, glass, quartz.

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