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The difference between dry grinding and wet grinding in ball grinding machine

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The ball grinding machine is a key equipment for further crushing after the rice is broken. It is one 

of the high-fine grinding machines widely used in industrial production and is suitable for grinding 

various ores and other materials. Depending on the grinding method, there are two types of ball 

grinding machines: dry grinding and wet grinding.

The important equipment for dry grinding in the ball grinding machine is the dry ball grinding 

machine. When the ball grinding machine is used for dry grinding, the material to be ground 

must be dry. Water or other liquids cannot be added. The material is ground by the ball grinding

 machine in the grinding equipment to achieve the required finished product. Brought out by

 wind or airflow, dry ball grinding machines are widely used in the mineral processing industry.

They have strong adaptability to materials, fine discharge, and high production costs. When dry

 grinding, the ball grinding machine must be equipped with an air induction device to exhaust 

air. Auxiliary equipment such as dust pipes and dust collectors. Avoid dust pollution.

When the ball mill is used for water grinding, water or anhydrous ethanol is added during the 

grinding process. The large pieces of material will produce cracks under the impact and grinding 

action of the ball mill media. The cracks will gradually become larger and deeper, and the materials

 will separate from the cracks, thereby achieving the purpose of the abrasive. effect. The wet 

grinding method is mainly used for ferrous, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

Whether it is dry grinding or wet grinding, grinding balls of different materials and sizes need to

 be added to the grinder. Alumina ceramic balls are currently the most widely used grinding 

media. However, two different grinding methods require ceramic grinding balls with different 


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