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Why are bulletproof vests made of ceramic plates?

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Many people speculate that there may be steel plates inside the body armor, so that it can withstand bullets shot from the outside. But modern body armor is not made of steel plate, but made of ceramic

Bulletproof flaps are generally used with body armor or tactical vests. There are two types of bulletproof inserts: front and side panels. The front panel can protect the front chest and back of the human body, and the side panels provide protection for the sides of the human body. Ceramic bulletproof inserts are now widely used and dominate the mainstream.

What is the principle of ceramic bulletproof tiles ?

Ceramic bulletproof inserts are generally made of materials such as ceramics and polyethylene PE. Its principle is: when a bullet impacts the bulletproof inserts, the first impact of the bullet is the top ceramic layer, and the ceramic hits the bullet with huge kinetic energy. It shatters, and also transmits the huge impact energy of the impact point to the surroundings to absorb the huge kinetic energy of the bullet. When the bullet passes through the ceramic layer, most of the kinetic energy has been lost. When the bullet reaches the polyethylene layer, the polyethylene consumes the kinetic energy of the bullet through stretching and wraps the bullet and shrapnel. This process has little effect on the human body and has a very good protective effect

Advantages of ceramic inserts:

1. The ballistic performance is better

2: High strength and light weight

3. Stable material structure

Bulletproof ceramics, also known as structural ceramics, have the characteristics of high hardness and high modulus,the most commonly used on body armor are alumina ceramics (AI²O³), silicon carbide ceramics (SiC), boron carbide ceramics (B4C)

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