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ZTA Ceramics Wear Protection Solutions

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ZTA Ceramics Wear Protection Solutions

Alumina ceramic lining have occupied larger market as wear lining instead of steel materials and rubber sheet. Mining, aggregate and cement,coal production require robust and wear-resistant screening and conveying equipment, and the cost of the business will increase.Chemshun wear-resistant ceramic linings are suitable for use in slippery chutes, chutes, hoppers, transfer stations, etc. to minimize wear and noise and extend the life of the equipment. The range of abrasion resistant ceramics have been designed to meet the wear solution requirement of more and more oversea countries .

With the higher demand of abrasion resistant material in current market, Chemshun Ceramics continues to innovate in wear resistant lining materials.Except alumina ceramic linings, ZTA ceramics have been studied and started mass production. 

Compared with alumina ceramic linings, ZTA Ceramics have much wear resistance in property. which is white color, is a combination material of the aluminum oxide and 20~25% zirconium oxide.Chemshun Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramics offer increased component life and a more cost effective long term solution, it’s very suitable for extreme impact and wear equipment of mining industry. 

Chemshun ZTA ceramics can be produced into ceramic tile, cube, cylinder, hex tile etc. Special machinery parts are also customized designed with CAD drawings. 

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