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Wear and maintenance of mineral processing equipment

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Wear and maintenance of mineral processing equipment


In the actual development process of the mineral industry, mineral processing equipment is indispensable, but the mining enterprises have many problems with the equipment, such as not paying attention to the lubrication of the mineral processing equipment, and not regularly checking the mineral processing equipment. Phenomenon, lack of awareness of timely maintenance, these seriously affect the normal operation of mining enterprises. There are many reasons for the wear and tear of the beneficiation equipment, which requires professional inspection and regular maintenance.


1: Wear occurs during friction with high hardness ore. During the actual operation of the ore dressing equipment, friction often occurs with high-hardness ore, which causes the lining plate and the tooth plate to break and even crack. To some extent, when the ore is crushed, these wear phenomena will occur. more serious.


So Chemshun Ceramics think that, For different minerals and working environments, different benediction equipment needs to be selected, and at the same time, anti-wear ceramic materials like alumina tilesare installed on the benediction equipment.which can effectively protect equipment surface from wear damage.


2: Wear caused by vibration during the process of mineral processing equipment. Through the investigation of the actual operation of many mineral processing equipment, it is found that before the use of the mineral processing equipment, there will be unreasonable installation, and even many mineral processing equipment have design problems. These factors will cause the mineral processing equipment to vibrate during operation. phenomenon


Suggestion is that Properly install the mineral processing equipment to avoid the phenomenon of resonance and increase the importance attached to the maintenance of the mineral processing equipment.


Chemshun Ceramics have much experience to produce and install abrasion resistant ceramic alumina tiles for mineral processing equipment, like hopper, chute, bunker, cyclone etc . welcome to inquiry by

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