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Cyclone Wear Solution by Abrasion Resistant Ceramics

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Cyclone Wear Solution by Abrasion Resistant Ceramics


The scale of mines and mineral processing equipment have begun to increase in size. The size of the original slurry and the inlet pressure and speed of the heavy medium suspension have been continuously increased, which has seriously affected the service life of the cyclone. In order to solve the wear problem of the cyclone, improve the service life of the cyclone, it is necessary to improve the wear resistance of the cyclone lining.and abrasion resistant ceramic lining is much common wear liners to wear protection.


About the raw materials of the cyclone lining, aluminum oxide ceramics, corundum ceramics, cubic boron nit-ride are generally used as abrasion resistant ceramic materials. Alumina ceramic is the most widely used and lowest-cost wear-resistant material.


Chemshun Ceramics factory has 16-year production experience of alumina ceramic products .typical ceramic liner products include alumina tile, rubber ceramic wear liner , ZTA ceramic tile, ceramic pipe and other pulley lagging ceramics.


According to several years experience of abrasion resistant ceramic design, production and installation.Chemshun Ceramics suggest two kinds of alumina ceramic linings as cyclone liner. First is curved alumina tile , which has a certain degree of curvature, mainly used for the cyclone, Chemshun Ceramics can customized various specification ceramic tiles according to the specific pipe diameter , so that it fits perfectly to the inner wall of the pipe. The other kind of cyclone lining is made by integrate ceramic cone pipe .as abrasion resistant ceramic China supplier, Chemshun Ceramics can keep on studying and designing new ceramics products for industry field, we hope to help to solve more wear damage problem for you, welcome to contact us .

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