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Take precautions and foresee miracles

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                    Take precautions and foresee miracles


In the Spring Festival of 2020, a battle without gunpowder suddenly affected by the new coronavirus, the Chinese nation is facing severe challenges once again, and the whole country will fight against the epidemic. Since the outbreak, angel in white and soldiers have been at the forefront. Relevant departments in various places have "strengthened confidence, helped each other, scientific prevention and control, and implemented precise policies." Including logistics at home and abroad open a free green transportation channel for Wuhan relief supplies in global logistics. The Chinese government has launched a new knowledge base for the prevention and control of coronary disease. Epidemic surveillance, investigation, early warning strengthen the movement prevention and control of personnel in key areas; extend the Spring Festival holiday, adjust the school opening time, strengthen traceability and etiology detection analysis, speed up the development of therapeutic drugs and vaccines, all aspects of epidemic prevention and control work show that our country has the ability to seize the final victory of this epidemic prevention and control frustration.

     Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics

Our company (Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co., Ltd.) is also actively participating in it. Since the outbreak, our president and middle and senior executives have provided health for our employees in various ways, and for our customers' products have been delivered according to quality and quantity. Strictly implement government requirements and proactively adopt recommendations from experts on the prevention and control of coronaviruses. Since the resumption of work on 10th, February, 2020, Chemshun Ceramics has established an epidemic prevention and control team. The president took the lead and served as the general commander of protection, formulated an epidemic prevention and control plan, purchased enough anti-epidemic protection supplies, daily use, and shared and trained online epidemic prevention scientific knowledge. Guarantee to resume work as scheduled. During the first few days of construction, our work, production, and life are going very well. We provide our customers with various high-end products as usual, and welcome new and old customers' inquiry and purchase



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