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Precautions for installing wear-resistant ceramic composite steel pipe

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Wear-resisting ceramic composite pipe is composed of alumina ceramics, epoxy resin adhesive and steel pipe. Alumina ceramic is a kind of alumina as the main material, supplemented by other ingredients, after high temperature 1700℃ sintering, with good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. It has a Mohs hardness of 9, wear resistance than manganese steel wear resistance 271.5 times. The wear-resistant ceramic is lined into the steel pipe, which can effectively resist the abrasion of material transportation through the pipeline, and is suitable for pipeline transportation of coal, mining, metallurgy, power plants and other materials.

Note the following points during installation:

1. In the installation process, it is necessary to take gently to avoid knocking or metal impact, resulting in cracks, cracks of ceramics can no longer be used.

2. Align the pipes with the center line of the pipes, and ensure that the end faces are correctly connected.

3. The installation of elbow pipe should be adjusted according to the direction of the ceramic, consistent with the flow of the transmission medium.

4. When welding flange, the end face should be flush with the end face of steel pipe. Do not leave gaps in the welding between pipes, it is advisable to use intermittent welding with small current.



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