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Process of repairing Pipeline Pith Wear Resistant Ceramic Tile

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          Process of repairing pipeline with wear resistant ceramic tile

     Wear resistant ceramic tile liner is commonly used for wear protection material in pipeline conveying system. Chemshun Ceramics as abrasion resistant ceramic manufacturer have much experience in wear damage pipeline reparation .

First : clean the pipe surface,effectively remove dirt, rust and other debris.
   Second:Grinding,An angle grinder is used to treat the pipe wall, and the pipe wall is required to be free of rust and looseness. It is strictly forbidden to construct in an environment with humidity greater than 85%, to ensure that the project quality meets excellent standards.

 Third: Isolation measures, After removing debris, keep it in a static and dry environment to prevent dust pollution.
 Forth:  Paste ceramic sheet, Mix A and B parts in proportion, paste ceramics after uniform mixing, and evenly grind ceramic parts, no virtual adhesion and convexity appear, wear-resistant ceramic layer is smooth, and the gap between the plate and the plate is less than 0.4 mm. The seams of the ceramic plate are smooth.
Fifth: Welding, Put the hardware glue in the hole of the ceramic liner, weld the full-length welding machine, and paste it on the hardware surface with a ceramic cap.
Sixth: Self-inspection, After the ceramic parts are pasted, perform self-inspection, re-process the unqualified parts, and then perform self-inspection.

  Kinds of wear resistant ceramic tile liner can be pasted in the inner of pipe as wear solution, pipe tile liner ,hexagonal ceramic tile mat, pipe liner in alumina ceramics material , silicon carbide tube can be applied from chemshun ceramics


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