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Enjoy Happy Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

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Tomorrow (Sep 15th) is Chinese Mid-autumn Day,which is Chinese traditional festival with long history.the Chinese people all over the world will celebrate it ,surely all the companies will be on the holiday , so why is this festival so popular in China ?

Mid-autumn festival originate from long long ago , there is a legend to commemorate a beautiful woman named ChangE,there is many celebrate customs during this day,On the night , people go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon, watching lions or dragon dancing, playing Chinese riddles and games, and lighting up firecrackers.eating the moon cakes. but now most of areas celebrate by watching moon and eating moon cakes only .


In fact , all the celebration customs is to express a feeling of domestic affection,if any relatives work far away from home , their parents may miss them by watching the moons .in a word,the purpose of Mid-autumn day is family reunion .

For celebrate tomorrow , Pingxiang chemshun ceramics company, a wear resistant ceramic lining manufacturer sent out many gifts to all the workers.expressing best wishes and thanks to staff.

Pls pay attention that , 3 days holiday from Sep 15th to 17th,2016 is festival holiday , any inquiry about wear resistant ceramic lining products , pls directly sent our emails ,we are still available to reply you within 12 hours.

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