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Chemshun Ceramics recruitment information 2016

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Chemshun Ceramics recruitment information 2016


1: Company Introduction :

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics has 15-year international trading 

Experience ,which is a professional enterprise for wear resistant ceramic and high quality catalyst carrier supplier,Chemshun Ceramics with strong researching and producing ability has advanced automated production equipment and leading industry technology, excellent team, perfect compensation system and incentive system, more than half of ceramics products is directly or indirectly exported to more than 50 oversea countries."Integrity, innovation, growth, sharing, happiness" is Chemshun Ceramics core values, 2016 we look forward to your join 

2: Chemshun Ceramics Welfare & Remuneration

1)Kinds of welfare can be offered to official staff after trial period assessment :

social security, health insurance,serious illness insurance, accident insurance, quarterly award, year-end award,traditional festivals benefits and each employee's birthday blessing gift;

2)Provides RMB 50,000 training fund per year to pay for staff various learning and training, while company internal training sessions held per week;

3)Have impeccable remuneration system and incentive system;

4)Offer shuttle bus service and board and lodging

5)Have impeccable annual leave system with salary, 40 working days per week, the holiday vacations according to the national statutory holiday regime;

6) Organize staff abroad and domestic tourism annually, outdoor activities held quarterly    including rafting, hiking and other.

3: Position Requirements 

Position : International salesman    2 persons

1).College degree or above, level 4 or above in English, listening, speaking and writing fluently.

2). Familiar with foreign trade operational processes and related business negotiation skills

3). Have the ability to maintain customer relationship and business development, and have  keen insight into the market and good market analysis, judgment, with sales communication skills, ability to work under pressure

4). Familiar with the Internet and office software

5). Male or female, related work experience 1-2 years

4:  Contact Way 

Contact person :  Mrs Yi 

Contact Number:  +86-799-2181004

Company Add.: Non-metal area of Shangliuyuan , Economic Development Zone, Pingxiang City ,Jiangxi Province , P.R.China .

(you can arrive Chemshun Ceramics by “Pingliuche” bus )

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