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Autumn crisp, Chemshun Ceramics Held the Fourth Fun Sports Games

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On October 21, Chemshun Ceramics hold the fourth fun sports games.



At this year's sports meeting, Chemshun had prepared a series of "tabloid sports" for employees to have fun, including The forest that does not fall, giant steps, thunder drums, invincible fire wheels, beads travel thousands of miles, touch the stone across the river, crab race.

The business team of Chemshun Ceramics and the production staff of thefactory formed several teams.

Before the start, the teams stand side by side under the national flag, listen to the leaders read the spirit of sportsmanship, then raise the national flag and listen to the national anthem. Then the teams entered the field in turn.The fun sports games have a variety of interesting events, it's basically a team-based competition, to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation between the team.








Before the sports meeting, everyone gave suggestions, went all out in the sports competition, the partners cooperated very tacit understanding, everyone enjoyed the spirit of hard work to achieve the common goal!

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