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Advanced ceramic materials in the military field

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The current application fields of advanced ceramics, in addition to the new energy field, which is very popular in the material industry, the military field is also a very hot application market for advanced ceramics. Improving national defense capability is one of the top priorities of a country in any era, and improving national defense capability starts with the upgrading of equipment. Therefore, as one of the key materials of military equipment, the development of advanced ceramic materials has also been strongly driven.

Ceramics are made of clay as the main raw material, and are obtained by grinding, mixing, forming and calcining with other natural minerals. According to the classification of ceramic preparation technology and application field, it can be divided into traditional ceramic materials and advanced ceramic materials.

Traditional ceramics: clay and natural minerals as raw materials, through the grinding and mixing, molding, roasting and other processes to produce a variety of products, usually known as "ordinary ceramics" or traditional ceramics, such as daily ceramics, building sanitary ceramics.

Advanced ceramics: According to chemical composition can be divided into oxide ceramics, carbide ceramics, nitride ceramics, boride ceramics, silicide ceramics, sulfide ceramics and so on. According to the performance and use can be divided into functional ceramics and structural ceramics two categories. Functional ceramics are mainly based on the special functions of materials, with electrical properties, magnets, biological properties, thermal sensitivity and optical properties, including insulating and dielectric ceramics, ferroelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, semiconductors and sensitive ceramics. Structural ceramics are mainly based on the mechanical and structural uses of materials, with high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics.


Advanced ceramic materials used in military equipment.

  1. Ceramic materials are used in armor
    Such as body armor, helicopters and armored vehicles protective layer. Body armor is mainly composed of jacket and bullet-proof layer two parts, bullet-proof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of the warhead or shrapnel, low speed warhead or shrapnel has obvious protective effect, in the control of a certain depression can reduce the damage to the human chest, abdomen. 997 alumina ceramics, hot pressed boron carbide and silicon carbide ceramics Ceramic matrix composites can all be used to make strong and resistant bulletproof plates.

  2. Used in aircraft armor

    Some military helicopters are equipped with ceramic armor systems that include components such as ceramic armor seats, ceramic components and ceramic panel systems. In addition, ceramic matrix composites are also used in the Army's armored fighting vehicles.

  3. For information electronic devices

    Military ceramic capacitor. Electronic ceramics in addition to the civilian field is widely used, with the acceleration of weapons and equipment information, such as ceramic capacitors such as electronic ceramics in the military field increasing demand, especially the chip multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC, market share of more than 90%), and the military market for high quality capacitor requirements.

The development of today's advanced ceramic materials is no longer limited to traditional technology, but more is the combination of modern information, automation technology, and different materials to form a new technical science. A new era of advanced ceramic development is coming.



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