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Product Name:Zirconium Aluminium Silicate Beads

Zirconium Aluminium Silicate Beads

Zirconium silicate beads are characterized of Good roundness,smooth surface,good impact,no peeling,no pollution.which are specially produced to provide a uniform, tough, and chemically inert ceramic media for surface treatments.

  Item Name   zirconium silicate beads
  Technical Data
  Chemical Composition  ZrO2  55
  SiO2  33
  Al2O3  7
  Others  5
  Physical Property  Density(g/cm3)  4.2-4.3
  Water absorption(%)  <0.01
  Bead Size

  Φ0.4-0.6  Φ0.6-0.8  Φ0.8-1.0
  Φ1.0-1.2  Φ1.2-1.4  Φ1.4-1.6
  Φ1.6-1.8  Φ1.8-2.0  Φ2.0-2.2
  Φ2.0-2.5  Φ2.5-3.0
  1- large-capacity minerals, such as CaCO3, Kaolin, ZrSiO4,quartz,aluminum oxide
  2- paints, inks, pigments, and dyes, cosmetics,coating
  3- mining metals,like lead, copper, and zinc sulfide



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