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Product Name:Engineering Alumina Ceramics

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      Engineering alumina ceramic accordingly the working life of eqipment will be prolonged by at least 10 times.
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    Engineering alumina ceramics

    Engineering alumina ceramics the use resistant ceramic will greatly save the time and expenditures spent on maintenance.

    Products Introduction

    Engineering alumina ceramic liner is different standard ceramic tile , designed and tailor-made with CAD Software to suit any type of customer’s components .Chemshun ceramics offer a range of wear resistant ceramics products that have been engineered to meet the equipment abrasive requirement of special angle , shape,radian,sizes etc.which can be perfectly installed without gaps and fitted for equipment. Chemshun has experienced to design engineering allumina tiler chute liner likehopper liner , cyclone liner etc. Also will help with your wear problems well .

    Products Characters :

    -- Long lifetime and maintenance free operation 

    -- No operation interruption or production losses 

    -- Maximum efficiency of separation 

    --Perfectly fit for equipment without cutting 

    Application industry 

    > mining industry 

    Cement industry 

    Coal handling industry 

    Steel industry 

    Port industry 

    Power plant 

    Technical data :Chemical Composition:


    Physical Properties:

    Specific gravity (g/cc)>3.60
    Apparent porosity (%)0
    Flexural Strength (20℃, Mpa)280
    Compressive strength (20℃, Mpa)850
    Rockwell hardness (HRA)80
    Vickers hardness (hv)1050
    Moh’s hardness (scale)≥9
    Thermal Expansion (20-800℃, x10-6/℃)8
    Crystal Size (μm)1.3~3.0

    Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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    How to test the Mohs hardness of wear resistant ceramics

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