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Product Name:Alumina Baseboard for LCD Manufacturing Equipment

Large Size High Purity Alumina Baseboard for LCD Manufacturing Equipment



As the baseboard /support receptors/carrier Plate Used in LCD Manufacturing Equipment, Lithography Equipment


Features :  

High rigidity (Hardness, Mechanical Strength, Wear Resistance)

High chemical durability

AIO Large Size


Shape & Size:

Shape as Long board, long bar, square board, thin board size below 1500*600mm , such as : 1200x500x20, 1400x900x30, 500x500x45mm etc.

Customized products with various size are accepted.

Chemshun - PIBM Producing System Advantage : 

Chemshun Ceramics' alumina ceramics sapphire lapping wafer polishing is shaped as PIBM producing process. Its an internaltional  advanced technology.  PIBM sucessful solve the key problem of crack and deformation of large size alumina ceramics.PIBM technology will open another window of fine ceramics. We not only produce the high quality alumina ceramic wafer polishing plate, but also other series of large size high purity alumina ceramics such as 1200x500x20mm ceramic substrates for LCD manufacturing equipment, semiconductor delviery tracks, vacuum parts, general mechanical parts, bulletproof ceramics.

Main Parameter : (Chemical / physical)

PropertyUnitChemshun Product
Density g/cm33.94-3.97
Vickers hardnessGPa17
Three-point bending strengthMPa440-550
Thermal Diffusion Coefficient Cm2/S0.0968
Modulus of ElasticityGpa356

Photos for your reference:

 High Purity Alumina Baseboard for LCD Manufacturing Equipment    High Purity Alumina Baseboard for LCD Manufacturing Equipment   high purity large size alumina baseboard for LCD

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