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Product Name:Abrasive Customized Ceramic Linings

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      Wear resistant ceramic engineered liners is specially designed abrasion resistant alumina ceramic materials. Perfectly suit for any type of application
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    Abrasive Customized Ceramic Linings

    More special custom ceramic linings shapes availalbe ,Engineered linings product is a speciality of chemshun. 

    Engineered linings product is a speciality of chemshun. We can supply and install a wide range of pre-engineered alumina ceramic tiles tailor-made to suit any type of application . CAD software is used to design wear resistant lining for customer’s components. Machining before sintering makes us able to provide linings with complex and 3 dimensional shapes as a cost-effective solution. Which will fit nearly any geometry , A well designed engineered lining system different from standard ceramic tile bricks will make equipment with special angle without gap, so it avoid materials wastage and machines wear damage .

    Chemshun Pre-engineered Advantages :

    - Tailor Made engineered ceramics available 

    - Accept OEM & ODM wear engineered ceramics projects 

    - Provide professional industrial wear consult and solution 

    - Keep designed alumina ceramics part perfectly for equipment 

    Chemical Composition:


    Physical Properties:

    Specific gravity (g/cc)>3.60
    Apparent porosity (%)0
    Flexural Strength (20℃, Mpa)280
    Compressive strength (20℃, Mpa)850
    Rockwell hardness (HRA)80
    Vickers hardness (hv)1050
    Moh’s hardness (scale)≥9
    Thermal Expansion (20-800℃, x10-6/℃)8
    Crystal Size (μm)1.3~3.0

    Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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