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The Details should be paid during welding ceramic tile installation

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The Details should be paid during welding ceramic tile installation 

As industry ceramic manufacturing company, Chemshun Ceramis is much acceptable by industry companies in mining,port,power generation plant,kinds of high temperature alumina ceramic liner are supplied by plain alumina tile, weldable ceramic tile, hex ceramic tile, ceramic pipe tile etc. here chemshun ceramics are happy to share the weldable ceramic tile installation details .

The construction of welding wear resistant ceramic liner  is generally divided into three parts: cutting ceramic tiles, ceramic glue mixing and painting, ceramic tile welding, we introduce step by step as following 

First: Cutting ceramic tile pieces, because the hardness of this alumina ceramic pieces is very high, ordinary cutting material is difficult for him to process, we generally use the diamond blade for cutting, the first lofting in the construction surface to determine the specific size of the need to cut You can use the blade cut, cut when the blade temperature faster cooling with water.

Second: ceramic glue mixing and smearing, ceramic glue is divided into A, B component with how much mixing, do not mix too much at one time, or use up after the failure of solidification. Do not smear the holes used for welding blocked, evenly coated around the holes, and then pressed hard on the work surface on it.

Three: The welding of ceramic liner tile, after the second part of the paste, the ceramic pieces have actually been very firmly fixed on the work surface, but in order to make him more impact-resistant, then the small iron cap on the porcelain holes Adopt the spot welding process to weld the iron cap and the work surface. After the welding is finished, the small ceramic sheet with glue cover the hole .

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