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What technical requirements for installing ceramic liner in coal plant

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What technical requirements for installing ceramic liner in coal plant

Wear resistant ceramic liner  is 95% 92% AL2O3 as raw material, rare metal oxide as solvent, the high temperature sintered at 1730 ℃ made of special corundum ceramics, and then use wear-resistant adhesive bonded combination of wear-resistant ceramic patch , According to different needs choose wear-resistant ceramic patch to meet the special needs of users of the technical conditions. Wear-resistant ceramic patch is 280 times the wear resistance of manganese steel, high-chromium cast iron is 180.5 times. Widely used in power plant pulverized coal transportation, steel sintering dust, cement plants and other enterprises related equipment, pipelines.

Coal washing plant has many conveyin system for delivery the equipment parts like coal-conveying pipeline, belt joint hopper, coal hopper, raw coal hopper,coal feeder,coal mill drum and other machines all need wear protection.aluminum oxide ceramic liner is necessary .

So what technical requirement for installing ceramic liner in these equipment ?

In fact, installing ceramic liner  donn't need much professional technical. first polish all the equipment surface and keep it clear withouth dust and rust. correctly mix the epoxy resin before install alumina last,pay attention to the fixed time in different outdoor or indoor temperature. 

Chemshun Ceramics is abrasion resistance alumina ceramic products supplier ,We can help you with industry wear protection.

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