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how to select body of wear resistant ceramic tile

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how to select body of wear resistant ceramic tile 

how to select body of wear resistant ceramic tile

As wear resistant ceramic  manufacturer , Chemshun Ceramics have been supply kinds of abrasion resistant ceramic materials for 16 years,and been recognized as trusted partner by oversea customers,typical partner companies include FLSmidth, Shell,Bhpbilliton etc.Chemshun Ceramics develops and insist on quality first. so here several tips about how to select alumina ceramics is told for buyers.

1, Good wear resistant ceramic liner surface is smooth, non-black spots, smooth and not rough, uniform color, 92 ceramic wear-resistant ceramic liner color is white, 95 porcelain wear-resistant ceramic liner light yellow, The wear-resistant ceramic liner has a jade texture. In particular, ceramic liners with a thickness of less than 10 mm have high requirements on the stability of the kiln temperature, and the overheating of the heat or the unevenness of the heat and cold can cause the liner to be deformed. The black spot is a good impurity in the alumina powder. Wear-resistant ceramic liner before packing the surface of the corundum sand worn away. The shape of the iron bowl of the welded wear-resistant ceramic lining fitting is matched with the inner hole of the lining plate, and the minimum weight is not less than 5 grams. The porcelain cap is matched with the reserved hole without gap and is flat.

2,Test Tolerance : use the vernier caliper to measure the wear-resistant ceramic liner length and breadth, full cast glazed tile alumina ceramic has a certain contraction ratio, so have a certain tolerance range.
3, The measurement of density, alumina content can be calculated by measuring the density, 92 porcelain wear-resistant ceramic liner density of 3.6g / cm3, 95 ceramic wear-resistant ceramic liner density of 3.65 g / cm3, accurate density measurement using drainage method.

4,Test hardness: according to the provisions of GB / T16534 test.
5,Do wear test, full glazed tile with sandblasting machine at a pressure of 4.0kg/cm3, distance 50mm, spray angle of 45 degrees, time measured wear within 60 minutes.

Hope above selection standard can help wear resistant ceramic buyers in some degree.Chemshun Ceramics would like help you more by mailling to .

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