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What’s the Application Temperature of Abrasion Resistant Ceramics ?

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The alumina ceramic itself is sintered at a high temperature of 1700 Celsius, it can resist more than 1000 Celsius and has no wear damage .When mentioned about the industrial ceramic application temperature , it is necessary to pay attention to the installation method. 

Current Normal installation way is by glue bonding, and the highest resistance temperature is 250 Celsius, if the performance of the glue is exceeded, it will directly cause the ceramic to fall off.

There is welding method. A welding hole is formed when ceramic plate produced , then alumina tile installed by connecting the iron cap and steel machine surface . which can resist at least 550 Celsius.

Another installation method is by dovetail ceramics, which also changes the ceramic shape and uses steel rails for installation. The temperature resistance is 550 degrees Celsius, which exists in the material of steel.

Wear-resistant ceramics are divided into: ceramic sheets, ceramic plates, trapezoidal ceramics, welded ceramics, dovetail ceramics, mutual pressure ceramics and other special-shaped ceramics and so on , which are all produced to meet the needs of various working conditions.


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