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Detailed analysis of toughening technology of wear resistant ceramics

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Detailed analysis of toughening technology of wear resistant ceramics

For alumina ceramics, it has very high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and many other advantages. It is also an industrial ceramic material with relatively large production capacity in the world.
To alumina pottery and porcelain, it is in machinery, electron, car, still have instrument instrument, chemical industry, chemical fiber to wait for a lot of application speech is commendable.

For the application of alumina wear resistant ceramic, in fact, it is because of its own brittleness to the application of the limit.
This is mainly determined by the structural characteristics of our materials.
For the chemical bonds in ceramic materials, they are mainly covalent bonds and ionic bonds. For the two types of chemical bonds, they have a strong directivity, and a high bonding strength will lead to difficult plastic deformation, great brittleness and strong crack sensitivity.

It is for these reasons that we are also concerned about improving the toughness of alumina ceramics lining.
In the near future, we will be able to add some reinforcing materials such as grains, whiskers and fiber to the ceramics in the past, so that the toughness of our wear resistant ceramics can be greatly improved, and the strength and modulus of our ceramics can also be improved to a certain extent.

In terms of toughening methods for wear resistant ceramics, the main ones are particle toughening and whisker toughening.
The toughening principle is actually very simple.
The main thing is that if you take its enhancer and its surrounding matrix, you can create a residual stress field, which is very effective in preventing crack growth and increasing toughness.

Next, in terms of the toughening principle of alumina ceramics, we should pay attention to the nailing action of its microcracks, as well as its crack tip and its tail effect.
On the other hand, the enhancement would cause the stress at the crack tip to relax, which would be beneficial to slow down the crack growth. From the above aspects, the toughening principle of our wear resistant ceramics.

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