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How are abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining made ?

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How are abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining made ?

Most of people know, Abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining is made of aluminium oxide ceramics and widely as wear resistant materials in mining,cement,power generation,port etc why is this alumina ceramics so hard ? and how is it made ? 

Here Chemshun Ceramics Manufacturer and supplier would like to share the ceramics producing fact. Strict quality control during very production is necessary to assure its high density property .

High quality raw material is first important step. Chemshun Ceramics’s major alumina powder raw material is imported from Australia and France . then grinding raw material by ball mill and spray prilling tower. Different shapes of alumina liner like hex tile, square tile, ceramic cylinder  is made by dry isostatic pressing machines.Another important process is called firing or sintering .Chemshun Ceramics have one 60-meter tunnel kiln and two pieces shuttle kiln. Temperature in bottom,middle, top of kiln is different, so Precise temperature control can greatly assure the ceramics quality,or all the alumina ceramic liner products in kiln wonn’t reach the property of high wear resistance, high density. At last, selecting finished ceramics is needed from appearance.

At present, in order to reduce production cost, Chemshun Ceramics company newly add many Automated machinery instead of workers. And abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining products delivery will be greatly faster. 

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